Greenery Studio Arkitektbyrå AB


Greenery Studio Arkitektbyrå AB was established in 2017, primarily to serve the needs in a small community for new/extended homes, service buildings and landscape design.

Since then, the company has grown rapidly through successfully delivering diverse projects across the commercial, industrial, residential and services sectors with projects in several countries.

Drawing on 20 years of international experience, the founder of Greenery Studio collaborates and outsources as needed to expand the company’s capacity and service offerings.

In 2018 Greenery Studio Arkitektbyrå AB was awarded ‘’New Company of the Year’’ for the municipality of Älmhult, Sweden with the following motivation:

‘’This year’s winner has shown that the totality is greater than the sum of its parts. With great feeling for the customers’ dreams and needs, these entrepreneurs offer complete solutions for everything related to house and garden. With passion and drive and with sustainability, design and functionality in focus, a great future lies ahead of them.’’